Magical Paint!!

OK, so maybe chalkboard paint is far from magical but I do find it to be pretty amazing!!  I have been refurbishing furniture for a few years now. I have always had issues with making sure the paint went on right. With latex or spray paint it would a task to sure it didn’t bubble or drip. . The only downfall is that the paint will always be a flat paint. Which is an easy fix with a gloss coat seal.  Now, I do always hunt for the best price and Walmart has a great selection. Another great direction is Anne Sloan Brand. My kids enjoy going with to look at the color cards and help pick the paint. They can be a lot of help bringing out your imagination!!

Quick List of Why Chalkboard Paint is Fantastic!

  • A great paint for first time painters. This paint is easy to apply and doesn’t leave streaks or bubbles. This is a very flawless paint.
  • This paint is very little hassle. What I love most about this paint is that there is no need for sanding! Yes, I find this very exciting. Not only is this time saving but convenient. I always wipe the furniture down and give the piece a light hand sand but this is not necessary.
  • Has multi-uses Not only does this paint give a nice smooth look to any piece, it also allows you to write on anything with chalk! This feature can be a lot of fun especially on children’s furniture.
  • This paint now comes in tons of amazing colors!! This was a problem a few years ago, but thank you to ANNE SLOAN who came out with the first large line of colors in chalkboard paint, we have come a long ways. Check out her site for great colors and tips. Best part is that this paint dries bright and colorful. 
  • This paint can give your old furniture spark!  It is amazing what a quick coat of paint can do for any piece of furniture!  Don’t throw away old grubby pieces! Don’t pass up that free chair on the side of the road!  Paint can really help and make a piece look new. Check out my jewelry box below. It was ugly and coat of paint really made it look great!

Here is a piece that I found on the side of the road. It was ugly and dirty. Washed it, gave it a light hand sanding and painted it with chalkboard paint. It is one of my favorite pieces!!  It needed paint and that was it!  In the photos you can see the smoothness and the shine.


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